How to get more clients on freelance platforms

After sitting for a long time browsing the new jobs on your favorite platform, you finally landed a job matching your skills

Prepare a cup of coffee and read the article carefully before sending your offer to the client

After getting the highest rating on Upwork, I will share with you my experience with clients and the way to gain new jobs in a professional and social manner on the online work platforms!

Write a Professional Proposal

Follow the popular proverb “The answer is shown by its title” and based on it, write an offer as the title of the answer. Therefore, we will focus on being professional and accordingly, follow the following principles to write a cover letter to attract the client.

There are some smart principles and ideas that will help you gain new customers significantly more than before, and these principles and ideas play on analyzing the customer / company personality in terms of his method of recruitment and the amounts he usually pays to ensure that the best offer is made.

Important note: Before sending you the offer, make sure carefully that the job is suitable for your skills and time

Intend to start? Read the upcoming tips and principles carefully and make sure to use them in the future

Before writing your offer

Read the job requirements and description:

And due to the importance of every word and letter in the job description and requirements because in normal there is no need for the client to write lines that are not important in relation to his needs, you must read and focus on each letter carefully for several reasons, the most important of which is that the job is suitable for your skills and exploits important words in the future.

Introduce yourself and talk about your skills:

Before starting to enter the core of the topic, start by welcoming the client and then start writing briefly about your studies and skills related to the job only, and completely move away from writing any skills that have nothing to do with the job being applied for, for example you are applying for a technical job and talking about your experiences in designing advertisements unnecessarily. This situation will leave an impression to the client that you are not a professional in the required field because the professional usually does not master two fields at the same time.

Focus on the job requirements:

After carefully reading the job requirements and making sure that they are suitable for your skills, start by separating each line and focusing on each one separately, because in this way you will give the impression to the customer that you are interested and read all the required focus and accordingly sent the response to all the details.

Send a sample or form:

And here is the most important part of all, “Your business talks about you”. Imagine that you are looking for a specific product in a store and some find the desired product in different places and then start comparing and favoring them to choose the most suitable for your needs, so one store started giving you a free trial or sample of the desired product, in this Status The aforementioned store will have priority to purchase from it.

And because the customer is only interested in completing the job to the fullest, never to send your similar work to the desired job, even if it was completed outside the platform. Even if you do not have a completely identical precedent. Prove that you are able to complete it to the fullest by making a simple sample of the required or part of it and sending it as a sample and to prove your competence.

Message Length:

Some clients like to be short and save time and others like details, and since we are interested in the readers of the customer’s mind, we will take advantage of the way the customer writes the job by focusing on the description and requirements of the job. Is it long or short? Too many details or brief? Based on your answers, determine the length of your offer. In all cases, always try to shorten your words and the number of lines, as they are rich, valuable, and fast to read, as everyone is busy in our time.


The customer is looking for the best price not the lowest price!

The customer’s culture of paying money is a psychological issue that differs from one to another, some of them do not look for the lowest price, and others are looking for the lowest price. The difference should not be treated the same way.

Understand the level of the customer and his culture of payment by reviewing his previous jobs, whether with fixed amounts or average payment per hour, and based on you will know which principle you follow in pricing.

Follow two principles or one of them in pricing, the first price is based on the value offered, and the second is price crushing.

The first principle is fair pricing: After carefully reviewing the required, knowing the required time for implementation, and estimating your effort, calculate the fair amount for implementation.

The second principle is price smashing: Not suitable for everyone, whether for you or the customer, but it is suitable for beginners, especially if the customer is the type who is looking for the lowest price.

Leave the door open:

Once the customer responded to you, you skipped the most difficult stage and got direct contact with the customer (Interview). Accordingly, leave an open door within the client’s mind to respond to you immediately or later, but whenever it is opened to examine the offers sent to him, he will stop at your offer and in his mind, you will be the first to start to nominate him for the job.

How do you leave the door open? Leave his questions or inquiries about certain details that are not clear in the requirements!

the customer! I am the right person for the job, with evidence that I started your question with missing details related to your job, and I await your response to discuss some missing points or need more details.

Write this message at the end of the presentation and replace it with the appropriate words.


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